Re: v4 on Win95

> >  I have been working with the  W3lib V4 Pre-Release is the form of 
> >several DLLs, so V4 does work in Windows (both 3.1 and 95).
> >
> >    There are much tinkering on some of the source files though. I 
> >thought I sent out some notes on porting W3Lib to Windows 
> >16-bit/32-bit a few days ago but it seems that not everyone received 
> >it. I'll be tidying up my notes a bit more before I sent it out again.

I have a question this time regarding windows 95:

I have now compiled a set of DLLs on my newly installed msvc 4.0 on a win 95 
box but I have a strange memory allocation problem that doesn't seam to show 
up with msvc 2.0 although I am not sure. It says something like:

	pFirstBlock == pHead

as soon as I have done a couple of free() operations. Even if I only 
initialized the Library and terminates it without doing anything it is still 
the same. It seems to be a problem in both the debug and the release version. 

This leads me to think that I need some special memory management as it 
doesn't show up on other platforms. Does anyone have information about what 
you need on windows 95 in order to use normal malloc and free.

Any good ideas?



Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
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