Re: Can I use PUT,POST method in preemtive mode?

Thank you for your reply, Henrik.

 >> > I want to develop a tool using POST method in preemtive mode.
 >> > And I made a simple program by modifing the distributed sample tool -
 >> > ComLine. 
 >> > When the program is executed, the program is exited at the
 >> > HTCopyAnchor() and core file is created.
 >> > 
 >> > So, my question is:
 >> > 
 >> > (1)Can I use HTCopyAnchor() in preemtive mode?
 >> > (2)Can I use PUT or POST method in preemtive mode?
 >> > (3)Does anyone have a example using PUT,POST method in preemtive mode?
 >> I know there are some problems with PUT an POST, but the model
 >> should work in 
 >> preemtive mode even though your example shows something different. I am 
 >> currently looking at the model and making it more stable so if you
 >> have some 
 >> specific problems then please send them to the list.

I use libwww(ver.4) with some GUI building software. In this software,
a specific event loop runs. I can extend the software by only making a
function of C language that is called when an GUI event arises. So, I
want to use PUT and POST method in preemtive mode.

Then, as a prototype, I modified the HTLine.c file in the ComLine
archive. The difference (Unix diff command) between the original
HTLine.c and my modified one is as follows,

>     HTRequest_setPreemtive (cl->request, YES);
<     HTEvent_Loop(cl->request);
> /*    HTEvent_Loop(cl->request);*/

If I execute the modified comline(w3c) with -post option, it occurs an
error and core dumped.
And, that with -head option returns nothing.
That with -get option seems to do well.

Thank you.

Kenji Ota     (ota@slab.ntt.jp)
NTT Software Lab. (Tokyo,Japan)