Re: when the next release?

> In message <9512221348.AA29305@www10.w3.org>, Jiang Tao writes:
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> >Hi all,
> >
> >I have tried for almost one week to make the current version of w3c lib
> >to work in Windows NT as DLL, but unfortunatly I failed and I decide to
> >give it up.
> >
> >I hope the next release will REALLY works on Windows NT as DLL, but
> >when is the next release?

It's out! You can get it from


Regarding if it _really_ works - it has been a major reconstruction and 
reorganization to make it run on Windows and I know that there still are bits 
and pieces left to be done. However, the structure is in in place so that it 
should be far more easy to make the rest.

I also call upon you in order to provide a first class product. We have more 
than enough to do by keeping the various platforms supported and providing new 
features so any help is greatly appreciated. Therefore, if you find any 
problems then send mail to the mailing list so that we can get patches and 
fixes in circulation! The more the Library is used, the stronger it gets and 
that is to the benefit for us all!



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