Re: Rolling your own event handler

"Tom Gaskins" <tag@hpcvlx.cv.hp.com> said:

> give up.

> Rather than handing event control to HT and telling HT to listen for X
> input, perhaps one could use the normal X event/input control and tell
> X/Xt to listen for HT input. A program can use XtAppAddInput (' not sure

I too think that would be nice. What we need then is 1) a method to get
the file descriptor associated with an request and 2) a method to call when
there is data pending on the socket. 

I haven't been able to see how one could do this with the current
implementation of the library. 

> that file descriptor. Alternatively, and this is what I've done for the time
> being, one can modify HTEvent_loop to return after some number of iterations
> through the loop. The loop can be invoked at whatever frequency is needed, in
> response to Xt timer or work-proc callbacks.

That's my approach too, but it's, IMHO, kinda kludgy to modify the library to
achieve this.