re : Any exmaples for windows NT or windows 95?


>Any one can give me simple example which using the W3c DLL?
I did not yet retry the DLL build, but the static works with libapp_3.c.
Note that if you intend to include this in a GUI application with your own
processing of the data, you will have the problem of the output stream.
What I did is that : 
 - I used HTRequest_setOutputStream for setting the output to an already
opened file handle.
 - I changed HTSaveLocaly to HTThroughLine to disable the command line UI.
this allows you fetch a document from the WEB to a local file.

>BTW, I want to know how difficult it will be if I rewrite
>the lib with c++.
I think, I have the same problems than you.
My approach would be to write a thin C++ layer on the top of WWW-LIB rather
than rewriting the whole stuff. This would allow proper interface with
existing C++-written GUI application without damaging the portability. 
The difficulty is to manage asynchonism, event loops etc... 
You probably have to add you own callbacks & patches (?). 

rewriting the whole WWW-LIB in c++ would undoubtly be a large amount of work. 
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