Re: User Data in a HTRequest

> I do not know if this is right place to propose extensions to the
> www-lib, so please let me know if there is another place to do this.

This is a good place to do it - especially if the extensions are in form of a 
patch ;-)
> I would like to be able to associate additional data with a request
> in order to access this data in callbacks. A simple void* in the
> _HTRequest struct would already do the trick.
> Or is there already a way to accomplish this?

As Matthias Kalle Dalheimer[SMTP:mda@stardiv.de] writes, the context pointer 
is the way to do this. You can see an example of how this is used in the 
Command Line tool and also in the Line Mode browser. In the latter you will 
find two functions called Context_new() and Context_delete() which does 
exactly that.


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