Re: problem about version 4.0 compiled in Windows NT with MSCV 2.2

> I try to compile the w3c lib to DLL in windows NT 3.51 with MSVC 2.2, and I use
> the project files provided by the lib, and the compiler complain that:
> 1. "SIGPIPE undeclared" in HTTcp.c;
> 2. "make_ascii is not a member of me" in HTWriter.c;
> Then I comment out the function(HTSetSignal()) in HTTcp.c which use SIGPIPE and the 
> function in HTAccess.c which use HTSetSignal(). and comment out the line
> in HTWriter.c which contains make_ascii, and I compiled the DLL successfully, but
> when I tried the 3rd example provided by the lib I find it crashed (first and the 
> second example works).

I think this is fixed in the latest version. I have not had these problems 
when compiling on MSVC 2.0. Please have a look at the latest versions at



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