v4 running on WIN32?

Would anybody confirm that the current v4 of libwww really works on WIN32
After one week of unsuccessfull tries, I am still not sure about this.
Here is a brief outline of the problem I encountered :
- export specs in DLLs seem not to match.
- renounced to use DLLs then used a big static lib instead, therefore there
is no .mak for that.
- Integrated it into a "real-life" WIN32 MFC3.1 application after having
faced a conflictual redefinition of BOOL.
- Tried to fetch in many combinations an HTTP document, which lead
invariably to socket read error.
one of my problem is that it is not clear for me if it is mandatory or not
to use WWW_WIN_ASYNC or not and what are the implications of this. The same
for _CONSOLE in the context of a windowed MFC-based application.
help greatly appreciated.
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