when the next release

Hello everybody,

>In message <9512221348.AA29305@www10.w3.org>, Jiang Tao writes:
>>Hi all,
>>I have tried for almost one week to make the current version of w3c lib
>>to work in Windows NT as DLL, but unfortunatly I failed and I decide to
>>give it up.
>>I hope the next release will REALLY works on Windows NT as DLL, but
>>when is the next release?
>Just FYI: Henrik is out of town for a little bit.
>Anybody else had any luck building libwww 4.0 on NT?
>Surely somebody else can help mr Tao out.

I faced exactly the same problems than Mr. Tao.
When you solve compile time errors by comenting out code,
the problem is in integrating DLLs : export specifications seem unrelevant.
I would add  to his mail that it should work on any WIN32 compliant platform
i.e :
-WIN3.xx + WIN32s 

Would anybody indicate me how you can become a alpha/beta tester? 
Do you need to be W3C member?
Thanks in advance.
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