Re: HTInputSocket_getLine where is it in Libwww ver. 4.0pre7

> Could someone kindly tell me which module the function =
> "HTInputSocket_getLine" is implemented?  This func is used in the =
> httpd_3.0 code.  Is it possible that it was renamed in Libwww ver. =
> 4.0pre7?

This socket interface has been removed from the 4.0 release of the Library as 
it was not reentrant and didn't use the stream model. In version 4.0, all 
input and output is handled using streams. This means that there is only one 
read funtion (HTSocket_read() in HTSocket.c) and one write function (The 
HTWrite stream in HTWrite.c) for writing to a socket.

It is correct that Daemon 3.0 uses this interface, but the way to solve it is 
to create an input stream a la the HTTPStatus stream in HTTP.c. The difference 
is that the server stream has to read the HTTP RequestLine whereas the 
HTTPStatus stream reads the ResponseLine.


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