Rolling your own event handler


the Library Architecture Manual says that it is possible to deal with events
in three ways:
- Preemptive mode - have every system call block. This would be just fine
  for simple test programs (for example testing proxy access/cache strategies
- Active mode - the Library provides its own event loop which you have to call
  via HTEvent_Loop (sp?)
- Passive mode - the application provides the event loop. This is necessary for
  me because our applications already have en event loop which cannot (because
  of its multiplatform nature) be redirected.

Unfortunately, I have not found any code examples (the LineModeBrowser uses
the Library's event loop) or API calls (all the API calls in HTEvntRg.h seem
to be made for Active mode). The User's Guide contains a section on the
Event Manager, but it is apparently 'under construction' and only contains
of a few lines.

Does anybody know of any examples, documentation, code snippets etc. on how
to use preemptive and/or passive mode?

Thank you very much in advance,


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