Cache Question


    I have recently started to incorporate the caching mechanism 
provided by W3lib and am facing problems. In my code, I created new 
request for each in-line image but these don't seem to terminate 
(even though I've verified the images are completely downloaded) when
I enable caching.

    After tracing through the w3lib code, I realise that the status 
code returned by the MIME stream to the Tee stream could be the 
reason. The Tee stream would only return a HT_OK if both of its 
streams return HT_OK or a HT_ERROR if both of its stream return 
HT_ERROR. HT_WOULDBLOCK is returned otherwise.

    In my case, the MIME stream returns a HT_LOADED while the CACHE 
stream returns a HT_OK. This cause the Tee stream to return a 
HT_WOULDBLOCK. I'm not clear why the MIME should return a HT_LOADED 
at times intead of a generic HT_OK. Any pointers on how I can remedy 
the situation?

extract from  HTMime.c

PRIVATE int HTMIME_put_block (HTStream * me, CONST char * b, int l) {