Re: Question about use of libwww 4 prerelease

> I have written the appended program to test some simple things in the
> prerelease. The following code just dumps the hardcoded URL to a file, but
> this file includes the HTTP headers which I don't want there. That is
> indeed excatly what the documentation states it should do, but what should
> I do in order to exclude them ? I've been trying to use
> HTConversion_add/HTFormat_setConversion, in order to use some of the other
> format conversions, with no success. My knowledge about library internals
> are a little to diffuse for me to write my own format converter, so any
> help would be appreciated.

You are right that this was a problem. I have now changed the stream stack so 
that WWW_SOURCE is handled like follows: if you have GENERIC converter (one 
that canconvert to anything, for example the MIME parser:

	message/rfc822 -> */*

then the data is passed to the converter. However, if it is a specific 
converter, then the source is used.

You can also use WWW_RAW in which case the raw data is parsed in all cases.

Anyway - don't be confused, this is all exemplified in the new command line 
tool which you can find at


or the good old Line mode browser (with a new face)



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