W3C Reference Library 4.0 Prerelease Available

A prerelease of the 4.0 version of the W3C Reference Library and the W3C Line 
Mode Browser is now available. It has changed a lot from the 3.1 release so 
take a look for your self. Some of the main features are:

	- Builds as a set of DLLs on Windows NT, 95, and 3.1 with Win32s
	- Language independent core - translate the code from English to Danish
	  in 2 minutes
	- Persistent HTTP, FTP, and NEWS protocol management
	- A lot of new documentation

The complete list of new features can be found at


The top node for the Library can be found at


See the special Windows documentation fro generating DLLs provided by Eric 
Prud'hommeaux at


Make files are provided in the distribution files for MSVC++ 2.2.

The source code can either be found from the top page or from our FTP server:


The top page for the Line Mode Browser is


Have fun!


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
World-Wide Web Consortium, MIT/LCS NE43-356
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA 02139, USA