Using passive mode

I'm trying to set up libwww 3.1 for use in passive mode. I have been
mimicking the HTEvent_Loop function and much of the other functionality in
that mode, but how do I ensure that the library registers its handlers and
events with me ?

I think I could have used the current setup if it was possible to exit from
the HTEvent_Loop function by setting a global variable or something in a
callback. Something like this :

PUBLIC int HTExit_loop;

PUBLIC int HTEvent_Loop( HTRequest * theRequest ) 
  HTExit_loop = FALSE;
  do {
  } while(!exit_loop);

I don't know the library code well enough to know if this is feasible. 

Does anybody have any example source code on use of the library in passive
mode ? I would really appreciate anything that could solve my problems.


PS. There are some confusing references in the docs to some functions that
are never used(HTEventThread_new,HTEventThread_clear,HTEventThreadState).