Re: mswin:Unresolveds?

> I'm new to the wwwlib and am hoping to use it to develop some interesting 
> applications.  I'm doing my primary development on NT but will also be using 
> various Unix platforms.  I've been trying to egrep through the archives for 
> help on this problem and, not finding anything, was hoping I could trouble 
> the list for some direct advice.  I'm getting the following unresolved 
> symbols.  I noticed some references to a "stubs.h" file.  Is it safe to 
> simply stub all these symbols out?

The HTAppName and the HTAppVersion are two strings that must be defined in the 
application, for example

	const char HTAppName = "MyApp";
	const char HTAppVersion = "1.0";

Unfortunately the modularity of version 3.1 is not completed with respect to 
the HTML parser mechanism consisting of the stream pipe:

	SGML -> HTML -> HText

It is therefore required to provide dummy stubs for the HText functions which
are declared in HText.h. They can just be dummy functions like

	HText_appendText(...) { }

This is solved in the next version where the core parts of the Library does 
not any longer depend on converters or protocol modules. This means that it 
will become a lot easier to make a tailored application with only the 
converters and protocol you need.

You can have a look at how the HTEventRequestTerminate() is implemented in the 
Line Mode Browser.

Gee - this doesn'y look very smart - but I can ensure you all that the next 
version will become a lot more handy to handle as an application programmer!


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
World-Wide Web Consortium, MIT/LCS NE43-356
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