Re: Are you using libwww?

Company Name : BBN Corporation


1) Are you actively using libwww (version) : ?
	Yes, Version 3.1

2) If yes in 1) for what purpose(s) :

	A) As part of a commercial product : Yes

	B) As part of a research development : Yes

	C) As part of internal Web tools : Yes

	D) Other :

3) Main reason for (not) using it : It allows us to keep up with the changing
	standard and not have to reimplement the wheel.

4) Give main feature(s) you like : Multi threading and Multi protocols

5) Give main feature(s) you hate : Complex API, it is in C instead of C++.

6) Optional comments :
	We don't really understand why non-W3C member have to wait
extra time before getting the library. Seems everybody benefits from
the bug reports of the "world". If this were a commercial product, I
could understand the delay, but isn't it just silly to make everybody
wait? Surely, people don't join the W3C to get the software a month or
two earlier.