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>(Following is a FAQ for the SierraWeb Welcome Kit)
>Welcome to SIERRAWEB*
>Here is some helpful information which we hope can answer a range
>of  possible  questions.  At  Sierra On-line, we want to make all
>your visits to our web site most enjoyable.
>SIERRAWEB FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
>Q: How do I log on to the Sierra On-line web site?
>A: The SierraWeb address on the World Wide Web is
>                                        http://www.sierra.com/
>Since this document was most likely sent to you along  with  your
>password  verification then you've already signed on to SierraWeb
>Q: What do I do with the verification code-words you e-mailed  to
>A:  Log back on to SierraWeb by typing our address  in  your  web
>browser.  Then,  after  typing in your name and password, type in
>the Verification Code-Word and you'll be  officially  registered.
>This  is  the  only time you'll have to type in your Verification
>Code unless you re-register again.
>Q: Why does SierraWeb use a password and verification code-word?
>A: We ask for your name and email address to confirm the  unique-
>ness  of every member.  It allows us to a.) customize the service
>for each individual member's preferences and b.) help  us  better
>understand the demographic profile our membership and c.) prevent
>abuse of the website such as unauthorized orders or  the  use  of
>offensive language.  All in all, we want to get to know you as an
>Q: What if I forget my password?
>A: At SierraWeb, you choose your own password so we hope it  will
>be  easy  to remember.  If you forget it, then you'll need to re-
>register and pick a new one.
>Q: How do I change the look and links of my personal User Page?
>A.  Just one of the things that makes SierraWeb unique is that it
>allows  you  to  change  the way you view much of the information
>that is available.  Special 'looks' will change the  web  control
>page  bars  at the top and bottom of the page as well as the page
>background.  (Can't view backgrounds on your browser  :^(  ,  you
>can still change your control bars.) For instance, you can choose
>an Arcade 'look' by choosing 'Arcade' from the pop-up menu at the
>bottom  right  of  your  SierraWeb  Personal Page.  If you're in-
>terested in Football or  Baseball,  you  might  select  the  'Box
>Seats' look. Do you like outer space and science fiction? Try out
>the Space Command  look.  Here's a chart to help you  choose  the
>look or looks that you might like
>If you like...				You might try...
>Adventure games like			Myth and Magic
>King's Quest
>Mother Goose or Playtoons		'Family Fun'
>Comedy like Space Quest or		'Comedy'
>Leisure Suit Larry or
>Woodruff & the Schnibble
>Children's Learning			'Kid Smarts'
>Reality Role Playing			'9-1-1'
>Action/Arcade				'Arcade'
>Air/Sea Battle Simulations	       	'Combat'
>Football/Baseball		        'Sports Fan'
>Horror/Mystery/Suspense		        'Frightful'
>...and more!  Plus you can choose from a selection of pure colored backgrounds
>Q: What does the LINK change do?  A:  Along  with  changing  your
>'look' on SierraWeb, you can also change your 'Link.' A 'link' is
>a direct click-jump  to  a  Sierra  game  category  (also  called
>genre).   There  are  a  number of categories of games at Sierra.
>Here is a brief list.
>...and more!
>To create a link directly to a category, select  the  'Link'  you
>want  to  jump to and click on the change button.  The new 'Link'
>you select will appear in the Link window.
>Q:   Back to the 'looks,' I noticed that I have a choice  between
>a full page's background and a GIF tile.  What's the difference?
>A: The full page background is a page  backdrop  from  an  actual
>Sierra  game.  Since these files are generally around 30K in size
>you'll either need to have a fast modem, say 14,400 or 28,800  or
>some patience.  (They're worth waiting for!).  If you are using a
>slower modem, or would like a change of  pace,  choose  the  tile
>looks.   These files load much quicker since they are quite a bit
>smaller in size.
>Q: I can't see any backgrounds on my page.
>A: Some browsers  are  not  yet  compliant  with  the  background
>feature.   You  may wish to change your browser to one that meets
>the HTML 2.0 standards.
>Q: I can't see the whole page?
>A: The standard width size for most pages on  our  website  is  9
>inches  and  you should adjust the size of your browser window to
>that width.
>Q: I see a mailbox on my personal page and the  words  'YOU  HAVE
>MAIL!'?  What is this?
>A: From time to time, Sierra will be informing members with  news
>about our company products and people.  If you see the words 'YOU
>HAVE MAIL!,' click on the mailbox to read your mail  from  Sierra
>Q: How do I send mail to Sierra?
>A: To reach Sierra On-line with a Technical Support question,  go
>to  the  Help  Center  which  is  reachable by clicking the 'Help
>Center' icon on the bottom control bar (the one with the  ?  Over
>the  globe).   You  can also make Customer Service inquiries from
>the Help Center.
>Note: Some links may not be suitable for youngsters under the age
>of 13 and may be automatically deactiviated.
>Q: How do I use the SEARCH feature?  
>A: You'll find  a  SierraWeb SEARCH  button  in  the  upper  left
>hand corner of most SierraWeb pages.  Click on it and you will be
>presented with a Word  Search Box ready for you to  type  in  the
>word or words you are interested in locating on other pages.  For
>instance, if you are  interested in  football,  Simple  type  in:
>football.   If  you  are interested in Space, type in: Space.  By
>typing space you might be directed  to  the  Space  Quest  series
>games or to a space game like Outpost.
>Q: How do I find my way back to my Personal Page?
>A: Just click on the HOME button underneath the  Sierra  logo  in
>the  upper  right  hand corner of most pages on SierraWeb and you
>will be automatically transported  back  HOME  to  your  Personal
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