Problem with HTML.c

I am seeing occasional ARRAY BOUNDS violations when running version 1.2 of

Purify complains A LOT about me->sp (the pointer into the stack element array
in an _HTStructured).

I am seeing:
	Gobs of ARRAY BOUNDS READ violations in instances of me->sp
		from HTML.c

	Also, you get ARRAY BOUNDS WRITE violations in these 2 lines:

		     HTML_start_element [HTML.c:634]
	     =>	        me->sp[0].style = me->new_style;        /* Stack new style */
	     =>         me->sp[0].tag_number = element_number;

My belief:

	1. Since this only happens rarely, I could be retrieving a
page from the web that exceeds the depth of the stack.


	2. Somehow, I could be getting a page that causes HTML_end_element
to be called too often thus underflowing the stack.

	I am going to test this with the line mode browser to see if I 
can repeat the error. I WISH I HAD THE PAGE that caused this to happen!!
I'd appreciate it if someone could comment on this so that I don't waste
time chasing bugs in libwww.a when it is really my own fault.


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