WWWLib 3.1 & blocking I/O

Mitch DeShields writes:
 > I'm using the WWWLib 3.1 in a Windows environment.  I'd like to use the
 > asynchronous winsock.  ...
 > I find that the call to connect() in HTDoConnect() returns WSAWOULDBLOCK.
 > Does my message handler need to do anything (line call LoadHTTP() again to
 > get back into the state machine)?

Assuming that WWWLib 3.1 work the same way as 3.0, you just need to
re-call whatever lib call you originally made (i.e. LoadHTTP) that

The way the non-blocking IO mechanism works is for the load functions
to return either when they complete their operation, when they would
block waiting for input or when they get an error.