Re: Help with async request problem in libwww

> 1)  Is HTSaveAndCallback supposed to work?  I seem to be missing some
> point in how to use it,  and a code example would be very, very handy.
> It looks like you need more information before calling it than is really
> possible.

To be honest, HTSaveAndCallback() is not one of my favorit functions... 
Anyway, the idea is that the stream saves a file locally (using the cache 
writer stream) and then calls a call back function that is set up in the 
request structure using the "callback" field and the "context" field. The call 
back is made when the writing is done and the cache writer stream is freed, 
However, there is obviously a bug if the object is already in the cache as 
then no callback is never made :-(

> 2)  Are there any patches for libwww 3.0?  I have a code dumper when
> the HTTP daemon returns a redirect to the client.  This could be
> my own error,  but Purify doesn't indicate anything in my code touching
> the broken structure.

This is the same problem that Matt mentioned earlier on this list and he 
posted a patch to fix it. Sorry for not making the patch available!


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