On Aug 2,  1:58pm, Matthew Freedman wrote:
> Subject: Re: PATCH!!! WHAT PATCH!!
> Henrik fixed the crash-on-redirect-in-source-mode bug because I was
> bugging him incessantly about it (it was causing major problems for me),
> and he sent me the patch for libwww 3.0. I believe he also put the fix
> into version 3.1, which is supposed to go public on August 14. I assume he
> didn't bother sending the patch out to the list as a whole, or putting it
> on the server, because nobody else was complaining, and version 3.0 will
> soon be obsolete anyway.
> The moral of the story is, the squeaky wheel gets the patch.

And unfortunately,  this patch doesn't help my problem.  I'm using the
library in,  I believe, passive mode.  I register the file descriptor
from the net information with Xt and have a callback to handle the
input.  In this situation,  www doesn't crash,  but it obnoxiously
closes the file descriptor without telling me,  and it doesn't follow
the redirect.  All in all I'm screwed by this.


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