Re: Porxy server not loading images

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Mr TWY Tsui wrote:

> [
> Often it is when a HTTP/1.0 client sends a request to a HTTP/0.9 server 
> thru a proxy server. Can you see in your log whether the connection is 
> reset by peer (the remote 0.9 server, that is). What happens is that the 
> 1.0 client sends a large request and doesn't do any read. The 0.9 server 
> starts sending the object back but it is not read by the client, and the 
> server resets the connections.
> ]
> Is there a way to send a HTTP/0.9 header as a request instead of HTTP/1.0 ?
> or is there another way to solve this ?

Actually it is very difficult to solve as HTTP doesn't provide the 
functionality of changing return code on the fly. The client has already 
received the status code, and the proxy is now simply pumping data 
through without looking at it (though, it might cache it). The proxy 
knows that an error has occured (it gets the 'connection reset') but 
can't inform the client. On the other hand, the client can't see it as 
the connection to the proxy is closed normally. 

The only way I see is to let the proxy interrupt the connection to the 
proxy client by interrupting the connection in the same way the 0.9 
server does it. Hmmm, I don't have my TCP book here in Stockholm, so I 
can't say how this can be done in a clean way :-(


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