Re: Proxy server not loading Images

On Mon, 17 Jul 1995, John C. Mallery wrote:

> At 11:47 PM 7/16/95, Mr TWY Tsui wrote:
> >Hi All ...
> >
> >I am writing a simple (at least it should be) proxy server.
> >The point of this server is to abstract the server name that
> >the user of this proxy server has been to ....
> >
> >The proxy server is running fine, except for some images,
> >it stop loading half way, thus I only have half of the image.
> >
> >Has anyone encountered this problem ?
> Hmmm, I ran into to this on a proxy extensions to my server, but I had
> imagined that I was just losing somewhere.  I have not had time
> to revisit the issue and debug the problem.  In my case, everything worked
> fine except that large images would stop loading half way.

Often it is when a HTTP/1.0 client sends a request to a HTTP/0.9 server 
thru a proxy server. Can you see in your log whether the connection is 
reset by peer (the remote 0.9 server, that is). What happens is that the 
1.0 client sends a large request and doesn't do any read. The 0.9 server 
starts sending the object back but it is not read by the client, and the 
server resets the connections.

> >Can someone clearify what has to be done for the proxy server
> >when the client interrupted half way during a request ?

I suggest that the server just keeps on loading document, maybe with a 
low priority set to the thread or process. Then the document can be sent 
directly from the cache if the client tries again...


Henrik Frystyk