Re: Proxy server not loading Images

You (John C. Mallery) write:

>At 11:47 PM 7/16/95, Mr TWY Tsui wrote:


>>The proxy server is running fine, except for some images,
>>it stop loading half way, thus I only have half of the image.
>>Has anyone encountered this problem ?


>>Can someone clearify what has to be done for the proxy server
>>when the client interrupted half way during a request ?
>Sorry, but I'm interested if there is more than just a coincidental
>bug in both our programs.

In my proxy server, this bug was fixed in version 0.18.  See


It's a CGI script (slower, but relatively portable), tested with several
HTTP servers and Unix platforms.  Written in C, based on NCSA httpd.

I set up an interrupt handler and clean out the cache upon receiving one.
I also set up and catch a timeout, for the client may lose connection
without the CGI script noticing.  At least that's what I experienced at the

Filename locking was implemented at the same time; it's another obvious
source for corrupted cache files.

Quite easy, really.  My source code may not be a wonder of clarity;
please ask if you have any problems figuring out how it works.

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