Re: wwwlib port to Windows 3.1?

> Once of the documents off the W3C home page indicates that a port to
> Windows 3.1 has been completed. I did not find any Windows-specific files
> in WWWLibrary_3.0.tar.Z.

We do not have a complete Win 3.1 port. The plan has been to support
Windows NT which Charlie Brooks from OSF has developed and then hopefully
be able to reuse this port on Windows 95 and Win 3.1 with 32 bit extension.
We have a libwww 3.1 (pre)release of the W3C reference Library and the
Line Mode Browser available for W3C members which supports NT. W3C members
can get to it at


The final 3.1 release will be release this week and go into public domain
one month from then.


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