Re: wwwlib on NT3.5

> >BUUUUTTT - As always there is a but ;-) It's only available for the W3C
> >members and it will be publicly available in July. I know that this is 
> >a new situation and I am sorry for the inconvenience it may cause,
> >however if you want to get it RIGHT NOW then it can easily be effectuated
> >by sending a check to us :-)
> >
> >Henrik Frystyk                                          frystyk@W3.org
> I know its only the 3rd of july, but approximately when will the new version
> of the library be available for the rest of us non-consortium members?

I am just about to make the final 3.1 release to the W3C members. It will get
out early next week, and hence it will go public a month from then. It tool
a bit longer than I expected but then again, I think this is a normal 
behavior ;-)

It will be announced when I update the public page in the beginning of August!


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