POSTing a binary file to a CGI-script.


The thing I want to do is to send a binary file to a CGI-script. This has to
be done from the client and so we will have the following two things:

- an address of the binary file on the client which has to be transfered
- an address of the CGI-script which has to accept the binary file

The CGI-script will be no problem but how do I send a binary file to it???

I thought the best way to achieve this is with a POST-request and therefore
I looked at libwww. Unfortunately not much is documented about how to make
such a POST-request. Meanwhile I'm able to do a POST-request but I don't
know how I could send the binary data along with it. I guess it should be
done after connecting to the server and then send the file on the fly to the
server. However I have no idea how to achieve this.

Please help me if you know anything more about it.

Greetings Manuel Keukens.