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Hello everyone,

I am having a great deal of difficulty with recursive load,
which is used extensively by servers processing image maps.

Before I changed some code in the cern libraries, I 
would get a segv each time.  With the changes, the remote
server will send back an html page with the message:
The document has moved *here*.   Since I've seen this
on some older browsers, this doesn't suprise me, but 
none of the newer ones exhibit this behaviour. 

At this point I don't know if I'm doing something wrong
in setting up the libraries, or if the recursive load is
really broken and I should find a work-around.

If any of you have any information on this please let me
know.  Below I've included the pertinent calls made before
I load the document.  If you see any blatant errors, please
let me know ( note that I snipped out all the non-cern code,
so don't expect this to run as written )


	request = HTRequest_new();

	HTFormatInit( request->conversions );

	request->output_stream =  HTFWriter_new( WWW_info->url_stream, NO );

	request->output_format = WWW_SOURCE;
	request->BlockingIO = YES;

	canonical_url = HTSimplify( url );

	HT_return_value = HTLoadAbsolute( canonical_url, request );