Status of DOS libWWW?


I am part of a team that is going to develop a DOS-based WWW-client.
Specifically what we're going to do is put together a WWW-client for
visually impaired people.

To put things short; visually impaired people depend on different ways of
reading information from the screen, and often use devices that can read
the computer screen and output whatever is on the screen on a tactile
device, such as a braille display.  Because there are very few screen
readers that can handle Windows and similar, we will start by developing
the WWW-client for DOS.

Thus, I am looking for information on running libwww under MSDOS.  What is
the status of libwww development under DOS, and how may I help?
Karl Anders Oygard  <karlo@ifi.uio.no>