Re: Error handling in the parser?

> What is the status of error handling in the parser?  It looks like the
> HTError structure passed to the abort method for a stream is merely
> typedeffed to void*.  Am I supposed to define my own structure to point to
> here?

The HTError structure is not intended for this purpose and is basically
not used at all right now. The version 3.1 of the Library has stream
methods returning int instead of void which is used to pass error
situations (like write error etc.) back through the stream chain.

> Are there any plans to implement support for out of memory errors other
> than simply dying?  I'm trying to wrap the parser for use as a CORBA
> object and would like to raise an exception when a memory error occurs,
> but we're avoiding the use of C++ exceptions.  I would try to contribute
> code to do this if there was a strategy laid out, but I wouldn't know
> where to begin right now.

I am planning on implementing a garbage collector where the heavy memory
consuming structures are registered. When a "out of memory" situation
occurs then the garbage collector can try and free some memory and the
operation can be retryed. If it still doesn't pass then call a callback
function that the application can register to jump out as gracefully as

> Or does anyone know of another HTML 3 parser (other than arena's, which is
> non-reentrant and may be rewritten soon)?

We have no explicit release dates for this yet.


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