Re: wwwlib on NT3.5

I think this got lost the first time so I try again...

As Charlie mentions there is already a new release out of the Library.
and it is currently being tested by W3C members. It contains support 
for interruptible PUT and POST, a better API and THE document that many
of you have asked for: The Library User Guide explaining how to use
the Library, how it can be configured and an description of the different
APIs that can be used depending on the functionality of the application.

BUUUUTTT - As always there is a but ;-) It's only available for the W3C
members and it will be publicly available in July. I know that this is 
a new situation and I am sorry for the inconvenience it may cause,
however if you want to get it RIGHT NOW then it can easily be effectuated
by sending a check to us :-)

See more information on the Consortium at


> >I have successfully compiled wwwlib on Windows NT 3.5 under
> >Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0, had to make a few changes. But at
> >runtime the select() call was failing when I tried to use it
> >with the line mode browser.


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