What am I doing wrong here?

Following is a tiny wrapper program that I wrote to use libwww to simply
retrieve files, and send them out stdout. I find that it works with the
first http URL I put in, but if I put in a second one, it core dumps. Here
is the program...

  #include "WWWLib.h"
  #include "stubs.h"  /* Just a bunch of HText_* function stubs */
  #define MAX_URL_LEN 1024

  main(int argc, char *argv[])
    char       url[MAX_URL_LEN];
    HTRequest *request;

    /* Initialize the library */
    WWW_TraceFlag = TRUE;

    /* Set up the static part of our request structure */
    request = HTRequest_new();
    request->output_format = WWW_SOURCE;
    request->output_stream = HTFWriter_new(stdout, TRUE);

    /* Loop until close of stdin, reading in URLs */
    while (gets(url))
      HTLoadAbsolute(url, request);


Is there anything obviously wrong with it?

Here is the output, after I put in the second URL...
  Composing Authorization for www.cen.com:80/mw3/
  HTAASetup_lookup: No template matched `mw3/' (so probably not protected)
  HTMIME: MIME content type is text/html, converting to */*
  StreamStack. Constructing stream stack for text/html to */*
  pid 13154 (get_http) was killed on an unaligned access, at pc 0x429efc
  Bus error (core dumped)

And here is the dbx stack trace (as I mentioned before, for some reason
CodeCenter chokes when trying to link in libwww, anybody know why?)...

>  0 HTMIME_write(me = 0x10016200, b = 0x1001f000 = "<HTML>\n<TITLE>MW3:
Motif o
n the World Wide Web</TITLE>\n<BODY>\n\n<PRE><A HREF="/"><IMG ALT="Century
ting Home" SRC="/ui/home.gif"\...", l = 512)
ME.c":336, 0x429ef8]
   1 HTTPStatus_put_block(me = 0x10016100, b = 0x1001f000 = "<HTML>\n<TITLE>MW3:
 Motif on the World Wide Web</TITLE>\n<BODY>\n\n<PRE><A HREF="/"><IMG ALT="Centu
ry Computing Home" SRC="/ui/home.gif"\...", l = 512)
ion/HTTP.c":571, 0x41d27c]
   2 .block72 ["../../Library/Implementation/HTFormat.c":1189, 0x40d9bc]
   3 HTInputSocket_read(isoc = 0x1001f000, target = 0x10016100)
Implementation/HTFormat.c":1189, 0x40d9bc]
   4 HTLoadHTTP(request = 0x10016000)
, 0x41d8e4]
   5 .block23 ["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":697, 0x403430]
   6 HTLoad(request = 0x10016000, keep_error_stack = '\000')
["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":697, 0x403430]
   7 .block27 ["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":858, 0x403aec]
   8 .block26 ["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":858, 0x403aec]
   9 .block25 ["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":858, 0x403aec]
  10 HTLoadDocument(request = 0x10016000, keep_error_stack = '\000')
["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":858, 0x403aec]
  11 HTLoadAbsolute(addr = 0x7fffb628 = "http://www.cen.com/mw3/", request = 0x1
0016000) ["../../Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c":885, 0x403bbc]
  12 main(argc = 1, argv = 0x7fffba44) ["get_http.c":75, 0x400484]

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