Re: Building and using www under NT3.51

At 09:08 PM 6/1/95 +0500, Claude Zervas wrote:
>There is a file called README-WinNT at:
>that pretty much outlines the procedure for building both the
>library and linemode browser under NT using MSVC2.x.
>I followed the instructions and built both with no problems at all.
>However, the run-time behaviour of the linemode browser under
>NT is pretty spotty. The 'connect' call fails most of the time
>with an WSAEINVAL socket error meaning the socket is not bound to
>an address. It usually works after several retries.
>Has anyone gotten a similar problem and, if so, have you found
>a fix ? I don't recall getting the same problems from the 3.0
>release on NT (but I made some changes to the code to get it
>to run (single-threaded and non-interactive only)).
>BTW I am using a proxy server if that makes a difference.
Yes, I've seen the same problem with the connect() call under Windows/NT,
but I've not had the cycles to debug the problem. It doesn't seem to appear
when you're running in non-blocking mode, so I suspect that the
HTThread/HTEvent handling is the place to look. And I see the behavior when
connecting directly to a server as well. 


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