Re: Help getting started with libwww

>> The stream should collect all incoming data in a large buffer and
>> send it off to the widget when the stream is closed.
>Right, I understand the concept, what I don't understand is the mechanics.
>Let me be more specific. I know I have to build an HTRequest structure,
>and in its output_stream field, I need a stream. I know that I can get one
>by calling HTWriter_new() with a file descriptor. But where does that file
>descriptor come from?

What you need is not just an object of some stream class like
HTWriter, but you need your own specific stream class. The
pragmatic approach is to take an existing class, copy it and modify
it as needed. Look into the Library implementation for suitable
classes you could start with! A minimal stream class is the Black
Hole class in HTFWrite.[ch]. (As I said in a previous mail, you
have to take The Hard Way.)

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