Re: Building NT Version

Keith -

If you're using VisualC++ 2.1, do the following.
Create a new project and include all the .c files. Then throw out the
HTWais.c file.
Define WIN32, _WINDOWS, and _DEBUG. Then compile. 

Do the same for the linemode browser, but include all the .c files, and make
sure that you pick up libwww.lib and wsock32.lib in your link line. 

Hope this helps...


At 09:20 PM 5/30/95 +0500, Keith Kiyohara wrote:
>     After downloading the latest version, I didn't find any specific 
>     makefiles for NT. Has anyone else gotten this to compile under NT 
>     (MSVC 2.1)? If so, could you send me your makefiles?
>     TIA -- Keith.