Re: SGML comments need a fix?

> >I just noticed LineMode and Arena (old copy though) do not support
> >the <!-- this is an sgml comment with <tags> inside --> type of comments.
> >
> >Shouldn't they? Will they?
> Of course they should support SGML markup declarations! The bug is
> in the so-called "SGML-Parser" (which isn't really one) in the
> libwww. I once hacked together a fix for some former version of the
> library (see below). I don't if it still works on the current one
> but it may be worth a try.

I guess that's me who should feel bad about this :-( Rainer has mentioned
this for a long time and I have the patches in my mail box. My only 
excuse is that there are several people working on a better SGML/HTML
parser and this is the reason why I haven't touched it yet.

The plan is to do something serious about it later this summer...

-- cheers --

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