mswin: porting httpd to WIN32

I'm in the process of trying to port the httpd daemon to WIN32. I'm using
Borland's C++ IDE (but using its C compiler). I've compiled the Library (but
haven't tried it out yet).

I have only the file HTDaemon.c left to compile from the Daemon code.
I'm a Unix person, not a WIN32 expert, so apologies if this is easy stuff,
but I have got stuck trying to port some of the signal stuff relating to
timing out input, output and scripts in HTDaemon.c (what can I use instead
of alarm() for example?). Has anyone already solved this problem?

I've looked in ftp.winternet.com but nothing seems to have been depositied yet. 

In porting references to pwd.h and grp.h and their contents, I've mirrored
the VMS port. I don't beleive this will disable the Access Authentication
functions but I could well be wrong, does anyone know the answer to this?

Any help gratefully received.

Simon Elliott 
Analysys Ltd.