Creating a simple post request


I'm attempting without much luck to create a userless client which
will send filled-out forms back to various servers. However, I've
reached my level of futility, so I'm posting here. What I've
discovered so far is that Lynx uses a libwww with the following
prototype, which seems to do what I want:

// in HTAnchor.h
typedef struct {
    char *address;
    char *post_data;
    char *post_content_type;
} DocAddress;

// in HTAccess.c
PUBLIC BOOL HTLoadAbsolute ARGS1(CONST DocAddress *,docaddr) {
   return HTLoadDocument(docaddr->address,
       			HTOutputFormat ? HTOutputFormat : WWW_PRESENT,

Although I'm at a loss as to how it works with the post_data, if at

Unfortunately, libwww (3.0) has a different HTLoadAbsolute:

PUBLIC int HTLoadAbsolute ARGS2(CONST char *,addr, HTRequest*, request)

I'm currently at a loss as to why there is a discrepancy, as the lynx
lib isn't 2.17 either. 

Regardless, my original problem stands: I'd like to send a filled-out
form to a server, and get the text that it sends back. You can assume
that the form is static and can be hard-coded. Does anyone have some
quick code to do this?