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I've been getting the following error while compiling libwww on Alphas OSF/1:
gcc -c -o ../../Library/osf1/HTFile.o -Wall -g -static  -I../../Library/Implementation/  ../../Library/Implementation/HTFile.c
libmld--as1: Error: ../../Library/Implementation/HTFile.c, line 805: cannot write pfield
make[2]: *** [../../Library/osf1/HTFile.o] Error 1

I've been totally baffled by this; it happens with gcc and cc, as well
I also can't find any def for pfield, leading me to think this could
be some wierd compiler / assembler bug.

Any help would be appreciated. I am using gcc 2.6.0 (osf/1).

oh --- this error occurs with both 2.17 and 3.0 of the library.