mswin: ftp site for Win16 & Win32 w3 development

Courtesy of Scott J. "Scotty" Walter <SJWalter@WinterNet.COM>
how about we use his FTP space for keeping the interim source
for Win16 and Win32 development of the w3lib and line-mode

He has also graciously agreed to take files from his
"incoming" directory and make them visible for public
access as needed.

Here's the URL:


Here's the tree structure we'll use:

    incoming/ (upload files you want to add to the FTP site)
    w3faq.txt (our own FAQ for development)
    w3lib.zip (w3 library)
    w3lin.zip (w3 line mode code)
    w3exe16.zip (w3 executables for Win16)
    w3exe32.zip (w3 executables for Win32)

Only the w3faq.txt file is available so far.

Note that these are for *interim* source only.
When we decide to "cut" a version, we'll submit
it to the regular w3 library source FTP site.

Daniel A. Norton          danorton@chsw.com
Cherry Hill Software