mswin: synchronizing source code

Kevin Hartig (hartig@fsl.noaa.gov) indicated that he has
made a pass through the source and started to build.

John B. Kalanik Jr. (jkalanik@mcs.com) indicated that
he has compiled the code and "can make some calls to
the library."

Can you guys synchronize your code somehow?  Let's
make sure that we tag all of the MSWIN changes somehow
to ease integration into the global w3lib source when
we're ready.  Can we agree on a date (say May 10, 1995)
to have the code synchronized and available on the FTP

After that, we need to begin thinking about splitting
up code so we can share the load for maintenance.

Scott J. "Scotty" Walter (SJWalter@WinterNet.COM) says
that he might be willing to offer his FTP space for use
for this project.  That's going to require some
maintenance work on his part and if he can afford the
time to do that, let's plan on using his space to keep
our version of the code.

Daniel A. Norton          danorton@chsw.com
Cherry Hill Software