Compiling www-lib under 16bit MS Windows

I have recently downloaded the WWW-Lib version 3.0 along with
the corresponding version of the Line Browser code for testing.
I am building the software with Microsoft Visual C++ version 1.52.

So far I have been able to create a .lib for the www-lib. A few things to note are:

    - dependencies on the following file must be removed because the files
      do not exist in MS Windows
	sys/ipc.h \
	sys/dirent.h \
	sys/unistd.h \
	sys/wait.h \
	sys/param.h \
	sys/file.h \
	sys/dir.h \
	sys/socket.h \
	netinet/in.h \
	arpa/inet.h \
	appkit/appkit.h \

    - references to the sleep macro and the 'system' library call need to be
      changed becausr they do not exist in MS Windows. To get the software
      to compile and link properly I #ifdef ' ed the sleep statement out and 
      changed the system call to WinExec. I'm not sure yet id this will
      work correctly.

    - the prevent use of extended dictionary option (/NOE) must be
      specified in the linker options to prevent the linker from searching extended       dictionaries when resolving references.

When compiling the Line Browser it is necessary to build a QuickWin
application, otherwise the compiler complains about all the printf statements
which don't work in regular Windows applications.

Everthing now compiles fine. The Linker produces a warning when building
the Line Browser

    LINK : warning L4021: no stack segment

and when I try to launch the application the error:

    Insufficient memory to start appliation

comes up.

Both the library and Line Browser are built using the Large Memory model
which should be correct. At this point I'm stuck. If someone could tell
what I'm doing wrong or could make some suggestions, I will be grateful.


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