Compiling for Windows

I am about to write a GUI web-browser for windows, and I have read on the W3 homepages that the Library of Common Code 3.0 should contain an initial port to Windows. But where is it? I downloaded the 3.0 lib & linemode-browser, but I can find nothing related to Windows, only UNIX-makefiles.

Please help me out.

Background for my need of this port: (Uninteresting?)
I am studying Software Engineering at my university and am currently taking a course called Individual Software-project. My task is to create a Windows web-browser with extra features (animation: mpeg, avi & sound: wav, mod). The result should be a freely distributed program. So I am to choose between two options: 1) write everything from scratch, or 2) building my application on top of existing code. As this is a 8 week half-time course I obviously can't create it from scratch (this is the course in which we write our first REAL programs), I have been busy the past few weeks looking at various public code.

The Library of Common Code seems to be the way to go, BUT I can't get a grip on how to use it, so pleease help me out!