RE: Windows www-lib

>From what I can gather, the changes were only theoretical and done
by someone who does not actually have a Windows system, and the
makefile was not created.

Yep, I kind of regret that now, but anyway - done is done and I
have received my flame mail for it ;-)

> If I can't find someone else who has done it, I plan to prepare
> the makefiles and binaries for Win32 (not Win16), if they build
> successfully.  From there I'll see about actually getting it to
> work.  My initial focus will be getting the line-mode browser
> to work in a Win32 console session.  I'll be using MSVC++ 2.00
> and working primarily with Win95, but I hope to do some testing
> with WinNT 3.5, too.

Just to avoid too much double work, there will be a better support 
coming out in the next flush (as I mentioned in a previous mail) 

> Followup to www-lib@w3.org, please.

Sure do :-)

-- cheers --

Henrik Frystyk