RE: Windows www-lib

Chris McNeil <cmcneil@mta.ca> writes:
>Is there a makefile for the windows version or just how to 
>I go about compiling it ??

>From what I can gather, the changes were only theoretical and done
by someone who does not actually have a Windows system, and the
makefile was not created.

If I can't find someone else who has done it, I plan to prepare
the makefiles and binaries for Win32 (not Win16), if they build
successfully.  From there I'll see about actually getting it to
work.  My initial focus will be getting the line-mode browser
to work in a Win32 console session.  I'll be using MSVC++ 2.00
and working primarily with Win95, but I hope to do some testing
with WinNT 3.5, too.

Followup to www-lib@w3.org, please.

Daniel A. Norton          danorton@albany.net