ANNOUNCEMENT OF Library of Common Code 3.0pre3 (developers only)

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  The CERN Common WWW Library is a general code base that can be used
  as a basis for WWW clients and servers. It contains code for accessing
  HTTP, FTP, Gopher, News, WAIS, Telnet servers, and the local file system. 
  Furthermore it provides modules for parsing, managing and presenting
  hypertext objects to the user and a wide spectra of generic programming

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This beta-release is the last before the real thing. It contains a set
of bug fixes, new interface AND A PORT TO PC/WINDOWS based on Winsock
(thanks to Paul Hounslow <P.M.Hounslow@reading.ac.uk> and many others
for the help! The purpose of this last prerelease before the official
3.0 release is to get feedback from PC/WINDOWS developers so that we
can get better support in Library version 3.0. We have tried to foresee
support for Windows NT, but do need some expert help!!

The CERN Line Mode Browser is also released in order to show how the
multithreaded functionality can be enabled. The method used in the
Line Mode Browser is not limited to character-based clients but can
support GUI clients as well.

NOTE: The Library is not compatible with the CERN server 3.0 and it
should NOT be linked with this application. A later release of the
CERN server will support the current Library.

CERN Common Code Library 3.0pre3 is available as source code from:


Its is known to compile on Sun4, Solaris 2, HP Snake, NeXT, NeXT-386,
Decstation Ultrix, DEC OSF/1, SGI, AIX, PC/WINDOWS and but look also
at the page of supported platforms at:


Diffs are available at


The top-node for documentation on the library is available at 

        http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Library/Status.html and

Programmer's Guide is available at


The address to send email about the Library is (note the new domain name)


-- cheers --


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CERN Library 3.0pre3 Release Notes

New or Changed Features:

* Made a WWWLib.h include file which should be the only one
  necessary. That is - DON'T USE ANYTHING ELSE!!!

* Replaced TRACE messages from stderr to using a macro TDEST On
  windows and other use local file

* Due to the PC Port some files have changed names (max 8 chars):

* Move EnableFrom to HTAccess.html

* Sockets are no longer assumed to be small, unsigned integers, but
  uses macros

* Introduced error_stream as field in HTRequest structure. This
  enables the client to get the `dead information' that follows in a
  3xx request, 4xx request etc.

Bug Fixes:

* file:// no more tries ftp:// if host=localhost
* Improved proxy support and fixed bug
* Bug fixed in HTGetHostName()
* Bug fixed if UserID/passwd not correct and don't want to retry
* HTNewsHost is now a local variable. Use HTGetNewsHost and HTSetNewsHost
* HTErrorAdd and HTErrorSysAdd no always return HT_ERROR
* Fixed bug in HTGetDomainName when no domain name is present at all
* Introduced Headermask into request structure
* Add output_flush to request structure
* Created HTDateTimeStr() in HTString
* Removed HTEnableFrom (replaced by HeaderMask in request)
* HTWriter added a parameter in stead of HTWriterNoClose()
* Removed HTInetStatus. Done by HTErrnoString
* Introduced socerrno and errno
* Uses IOCTL as a macro now - not fcntl

and a lot of other stuff...

Have fun!


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 frystyk@w3.org		   howcome@dxcern.cern.ch      hallam@alws.cern.ch
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