Re: Memory for a sparc 5 to run cern server


I am not sure, but I think you will get a better answer if you ask the
question on the


list. There you will find a lot of people with practical experience
running a server. Take a look at the Mail information at


in case you are not subscribed to the proxy list.

-- cheers --


> How much memory should we have to run the cern server on
> a sparc 5?
> We've got 16meg now, which is clearly not enough.
> Would 32 or 48 meg do it?
> LLNL has lent us the machine for use during the open meeting.
> We will use it to serve images and static text files in support of the smart
> server.
> We will have at least 3000 people beating on it pretty hard for several weeks
> with load concentrated during the working day.