Status Report on Library


As you might have seen we now a official version 2.17 of the Library.
This was necessary in order to keep up with some of the modifications
and new features added to the CERN server.

If/when you look into the code you will not find many of the PC-port
problems solved. This does _not_ mean that I have forgotten about them
- but simply that I can't cope with everything at the same time.

I am now working full-time on the Multi-threaded implementation and I
expect a release a month from now :-)

One of the major problems now is the basic network access mechanism
which has a certain lack of structure :-( I hope to improve this and at
the same time turn the (currently) automatic conversion into HTML to be
a stream converter with a quality factor. I have made a proto
implementation of the news module where it is possible to get `raw'
data out of the library.


-- cheers --

Henrik Frystyk