502 "Insufficient Resources"

    Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 12:55 EDT
    From: hallam@alws.cern.ch


    502 looks OK, but shouldn't there be some header giving an indication of when
    a good time to retry would be?
ok 502 it is.

    I would prefer the string "Insufficient Resources". Overload suggest
    that its due to the amount of web trafic. It might be that the URL has been
    analysed and the server has decided that that particular URL is too expensive
    to retreive at the moment but another would be OK.

OK. "Insufficient Resources" it is.  We're going to be melted down next week
when our hack becomes real.

    I'm thinking here about chunky searches and the like being barred during the 
    hours of daylight and only light requests being allowed. Or alternatively
    there might be a one user at a time type resource in use.

This could also be applied there as well.  the immediate application to ask
people to try a again later because the server is running at capacity.

You don't see me here much because, anti-social that I am, I just write
everything from scratch in Lisp.  See my CL-HTTP paper for the latest sources.